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Not Sheep!

Counting sheep may work for you and me, but not for these wiggly baby animals. Wriggling in their nest, twisting and turning inter den, chattering in their burrow, it's time to sleep! These little woodsy animals need to settle down, and they have to do something, but count sheep? No way!


"Wait for me!" is what Charlie seems to say to everyone. His mama, at school, and even his friends. Charlie loves looking for butterflies, rocks, and other pretty things, even though everyone always tells him to hurry up. But what happens when Charlie visits Grandpa? A tender book about the simple beauties of life and appreciating the things that matter most. 


In the not-too-distant future, Leadership controls everything and everyone, and a new regulation threatens to take away 13-year-old Wren's little brother. Already telling from her grandmother's relocation, Wren must give up school, her friends, and the protection of her parents to save her little brother from the cold grip of efficiency. Can Wren and her brother survive the exhausting journey, the scorching desert, and the threatening grasp of Leadership to cross the border to safety and freedom?

"I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure-packed YA dystopian thriller. Wren faces drones, soldiers, coyotes, scorpions, deadly heat, and terrifying storms. The threats to Wren and her little brother are tangible, There were multiple points in the book when my pulse was pounding, an I was fully invested the story, and hiding there in the dark with them . . .perfect for lovers of dystopian teen fiction and coming-of-age adventures." - Christopher Solaas for Readers' Favorite

Wait For Me

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"This sweet story serves as a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Children and adults both can relate to this warm, well-written book with fun illustrations. I highly recommend!" -Rita

The Little Green Pumpkin

The Little Green Pumpkin_Cover.JPG

In a field full of orange pumpkins, the Little Green Pumpkin just wants to look like everyoen else. She tries everything she can think of to turn orange, but nothing works. After the pumpkins get picked, they bump along to someplace new where the Little Green Pumpkin discovers something perfectly wonderful about being green. 

"My new favorite book for kids this autumn. The illustrations are great and so vibrant and happy. What I love even more though is the beautiful message of diversity an find your own uniqueness and coming to love yourself. I have already gifted this to children dear to my heart. A must read for all seasons." -Kam

La Calabacita Verde


Jesus said, "Come Follow Me" many times throughout his ministry. Follow him as he walks on the sea, teaches the people, heals the leper, and shows you the way to live to be like him.

IMG_2759 2.jpg

Jesus Said, "Come, Follow Me"

"Darling book for children. Perfect for reading aloud and new readers." - M. Ray

I Spy Alligators Underneath My Bed

I Spy Alligators Underneath My Bed Cover

It may be time for bed, but one little boy can’t quite fall asleep.  Instead his imagination runs wild with what could be happening under his bed.  First, alligators, tigers, dragons, and then even a whole jungle he imagines he sees!  His mother is patient as she tucks him in over and over, until finally she tells him “Good night!” This is a fun repetitive story that both engages children and relates with adults as they travel through the imagination of a young boy discovering what could possibly be underneath his bed.

"Darling!! Adventurous!! Creative!! My boys and I just finished reading it tonight! Love the story an the illustrations!" - Amazon Customer

Guess Who's the Latter Day Prophet

Guess who used to work on a farm and sang while milking cows? Guess who built more than seventy temples as President of the Church? This cute picture book uses fun illustrations and famous stories to introduce children to latter-day prophets.  Meet the men who have guided the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this final dispensation.


"It was so great learning all the small details of the prophets in this book. Such cute artwork, and stories told in such a fun way. Love by kids and parents." - RGreen13

Guess Who's in the Book of Mormon

Learn all about the prophets and heroes in the Book of Mormon! This colorful picture book uses a simple question-and-answer format to help children discover who built a boat, who saved the king's sheep, and who climbed up on a wall to tell the people to repent. An easy-to-read introduction to scripture stories that's fun for the whole family!

Boy in the Field

 "An important message simply told for children to l earn, retain and repeat. The illustrations are happy and bright just like the message written." -Jill L.

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